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These days, the investment in rock is an interesting investment, which usually attracts many French, stressed to use the lever associated with credit. But many of them often underestimate their borrowing capability. Here, the role of the broker, expert in real estate property credit, is to enlighten plus support the future buyer in the real estate purchase project whilst facilitating the acceptance associated with his credit.


Very best ability to mortgage?

What is the ability to mortgage?

Real estate property borrowing capacity refers to the most a borrower can expect from the bank. It depends on many criteria – including the monetary solvency of the borrower. The solvency defined by a group of elements allowing the lender to judge the risk represented by the debtor. Note that the broker understands its elements, as well as the circumstances of each bank with which they have signed an agreement: it can as a result completely replace the bank in order to assess without error your own borrowing capacity based (including) its debt ratio.


The indicative base from the debt ratio

Traditionally, banks rely on the debt ratio of 30%, although it can vary from twenty five to 35% depending on the private situation of the borrower. For instance , with an income of 3 thousands €, the monthly pay back can not exceed 900 €; depending on the case, it can be a lot more precisely between 750 € to 1050 €. An initial indication to perform the first mortgage simulations on the Internet and know the borrowing capacity.

An essential fact, strongly health and fitness the search for his property or home: it would be a shame in order to miss an opportunity, because good we do not have the budget to purchase it, is not it? Consequently , it is better to rely on the particular informed opinion of a large financial company.


Criteria Influencing Credit Capacity

Criteria Influencing Borrowing Capacity

Beyond the particular strict income of the acquirer, borrowing capacity evolves based on the three key criteria: the private contribution, the duration from the loan and the interest rate used.

Criterion one: Personal contribution

Quite logically, the personal factor influences borrowing capacity, given that, mathematically, it decreases the particular loan amount. It should be observed that, in general, the financing institutions claim a factor – at least, up to the price of notary and agency.

Criterion 2: The particular duration of borrowing

Criterion 2: The duration of borrowing

The borrowing capacity furthermore depends on the duration of the suggested loan: the longer the particular repayment period, the greater the entire cost of the loan.

Criterion 3: The eye rate

Linked to the duration of borrowing, the pace also influences the asking for capacity, even if this portion weighs less than the Efficient Annual Rate of Insurance policy (TAEA). Note that the insurance could be subscribed in delegation, within the first year of the mortgage (Hamon law), or upon each anniversary date (beyond the first year of the credit).


In practice, how does the particular credit broker serve the particular borrower?

In practice, how does the credit broker serve the borrower?

Solicited through the very beginning of the real estate research, a broker can refine building your shed progressively to “stick” because closely as possible to an ask for that is built over the trips. Indeed, if the borrowing capability is a data to know at first, it can be enhanced by a couple of thousand more euros with respect to the choice…


A specialist to know how to analyze your personal scenario

From the 1st appointment, the expert evaluates the personal situation of the applicant, to calculate the asking for capacity: for this, he claims the different supporting documents that will be — anyway – necessary for their search for funding. Depending on these types of documents, the broker may already quickly establish a 1st range of purchase, on which the near future borrower can build their real estate project.


The credit broker that is each responsive and available

A credit broker that is both responsive and available

Depending on the progress of your real estate property research, the credit agent can refine and / or alter his analysis, by adding other elements, likely to impact borrowing capacity: is the study done on an old house or new? In fact , will it open on devices, like the zero rate loan? And so forth All these criteria determine the particular borrowing capacity.

For example , you are a new homebuyer, with resources associated with less than € 30, 1000 and you want to buy a new house in Nantes for € 135, 000, you could get as much as € 54, 000 more than 20 years. In other words, and on the foundation of an initial contribution associated with 10%, or € three or more, 000, you would only have to create a loan with interest based on € 78, 000 (and not the initial € 135, 000).

An additional example, in the case of bridge mortgage, a broker knows that a financial institution will tend to consider that will 70% of the value of the very first real estate, as a personal share, to prevent any risk associated with this resale. Naturally, this method influences borrowing capacity for the 2nd purchase. But perfectly presented, this solution can also be fascinating: a second-time buyer may decide to buy and sell, to avoid the particular transit lease and the expenses of two moves. The traditionally stressful operation, yet likely to generate great financial savings…

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