Apply for E-Money credit card anytime, anywhere!

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Money is not the tree – this is what we all learn when we grow up. It does not matter at what cost, through what lessons and how much it costs our family, our parents. Even if the family is well-off, the little ones will eventually learn how to deal with the material. Fortunately, the tools are there.

Apply for E-Money credit card anytime, anywhere!

Apply for E-Money credit card anytime, anywhere!

Most of us need some support to implement certain plans. This help can come in many forms, including the handy E-Money credit card that you can apply for anytime, and then take the financial awareness step to your individual goals.

Why Have E-Money Credit Card?

E-Money credit card is the ideal solution if you want to enjoy all the benefits of a credit and a scoring card at the same time. Using E-Money MasterCard® Unembossed PayPass is simple, extensive and you can pay with just one touch.

You can use:

  • In the E-Money store (+ 3x Trust Point),
  • At E-Money gas station (+ 3x Trust Point),
  • MasterCard Acceptance Points (+ 10 Trust Points per $ 1,000),
  • On the Internet,
  • Abroad and domestically.

Enjoy the freedom of your E-Money credit card and claim it now! You can do all of this easily, as Mr. Barkis made sure to apply for an E-Money credit card in the Financial Corner of any E-Money hypermarket in the country. If you are more sympathetic, even from the comfort of your own home, you can do it in just a few easy steps, or even through Netbank.

What services do you have?


Your E-Money credit card can help you with your daily life, including:

  • With the first purchase, you don’t have to wait to receive your manufactured E-Money card, as you can use your full credit line on the day and at the time of the contract.
  • For E-Money MasterCard® Unembossed PayPass credit cards, you can apply for up to $ 1,000 in credit, while Private E-Money credit cards (which can only be used with E-Money, not a Mastercard credit card) require a maximum of $ 500,000 .
  • With the Plus3 option *, you can enjoy the benefit of interest-free repayment. This means that if you buy from E-Money stores for between $ 30 and $ 100,000, with your E-Money credit card and the Plus3 option at checkout, you will be able to repay the amount in three monthly interest-free installments. (* The Plus3 option is only available for credit card contracts signed after October 1, 2010!)
  • You can have credit card insurance along with your credit card, which provides reassuring security in the event of unemployment, accident, or card abuse.
  • You can also apply for a companion card to an existing E-Money credit card for your partner or spouse so that you can spend your credit line together and collect Trust Points.
  • You can also transfer your own or your spouse’s retail bank account. (Private E-Money credit card after 6 months)
  • You can use SMS-enabled services to easily track transactions with your E-Money credit card (and partner card).
  • After you sign up for Netbank, you can get detailed information about your card transactions for up to 1 year, but you can change your personal information, change your repayment method, and use SMS.

Who Can Have E-Money Credit Card?

Who Can Have E-Money Credit Card?

For anyone who (has):

● You are 18 years or older
● Natural person and possesses
● With a permanent address in Hungary
● Proven, regular income
● You are not on probation or notice
● Direct telephone contact at the workplace or at the place of employment
● Provision of landline telephone access for retired parents and foster parents (registered on a residence card)

What documents are required to apply?

For unrestricted access, you will need the following documents:

  • A valid identity card or driver ‘s license or passport issued by the Hungarian authorities and
  • Address card
  • Valid tax ID
  • Bank account statement or landline telephone account not older than two months or, in the absence thereof, a gas or electricity bill
  • Employees not less than 30 days at the same employer, min. 3 months employment certificate
  • For pensioners, the pension master form and the last pension voucher
  • In the case of a scheme without an employer’s certificate, a statement of the bank account, not less than two months old, which contains the claimant’s employment income or pension, both in law and in amount, and in the client’s own name or with the client’s spouse
  • For certification of other regular income – if no employer certificate is available – NAV certificate of income
  • In the case of a bank account repayment, the most recent statement of the bank account to which the borrower authorizes the direct debit authorization

If you decide to vote for E-Money credit card, check out our website and click on E-Money Credit Card Application, where you can conveniently fill out a simple application form.
Not only can your E-Money credit card be a loyal companion in case of unexpected events, it also helps you save money with Trust Point collection, 5% instant discount (for E-Money branded red logo products), 0% APRs, and 3 months interest-free installment (Plus3).

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