Month: July 2019

Transfer application revolutionizes money transfer between banks

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Real-time money transfer between banks is finally possible thanks to the Transfer application launched by Automatia. The historic, first-time money transfer between banks took place yesterday, March 20, when Goodbank launched the Transfer application, and the money moved in real time between Good Finance and Goodbank. With traditional bank transfer payments, it takes 1-2 business […]

How to Find Credit Cards Without Outside Rotonda

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The CARD law of 2009 eliminated almost all the traditional tricks and traps that banks used to separate you from your money. One of the last remaining costs that banks are still allowed to charge is the external Rotondan transaction costs. The outside Myanmar transaction costs are not exchanged commissions. In fact, purchases made in […]

Loans | Estimate Your Borrowing Capacity With A Credit Broker

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These days, the investment in rock is an interesting investment, which usually attracts many French, stressed to use the lever associated with credit. But many of them often underestimate their borrowing capability. Here, the role of the broker, expert in real estate property credit, is to enlighten plus support the future buyer in the real […]